Our Work

We acquire total understanding of your needs. As technical experts we bring our in-depth knowledge to prevent problems from arising and our proactivity helps you obtain approvals easily and through reverse engineering (which simply means moving from costing to design, rather than the other way round) we ensure budgetary discipline and control. This is the foundational stage of our lifelong sojourn with our client.

Building a new home or complex can be a formidable task for a lay person. The trickiest step could be the initial one as you contemplate as to how your conceptions will fructify and manifest into concrete reality and the cost that it could entail. To alleviate these anxieties we do due deliberations with you and our team and take a call on the viability of the project.

We don t charge a percentage on the total building cost.Al it seems simpler we rather won't prefer the uncertainty part of it. Sincerely, our quantum of work is independent of whether you go for most expensive flooring or the most economical one. We charge on per square feet basis and arrive at the figure right at the beginning of the project. Council of Architecture is the legal body comprising the practicing aspects of licensed architects like us. We charge in proportion to the standards set by COA - No more or no less. This indicates that you don't pay more than what the Government recommends and neither do we get paid below the standard.Honestly designing is a time consuming process to experiment between various possibilities and to arrive at the right solution. We require time and commitment from the client to unleash our whole creative potential into the project on the design table. Our proposal will always be well thought and exhaustive. We'll make sure that you spend your money the best way.

We commence with tentative sketches so as to develop a thematic presentation of your ideas and keep you in the loop as to the next level of insights. Our team brainstorms to give you detailed design concepts, together with budget estimates and accurate 3D elevations of your new project thus making it a zero-defect job. Detailed planning application documents are developed using an extensive experience and negotiating power with the Municipal Corporations to ensure the process finishes quickly and smartly. Our 90% plus percentage rate in this throughout India reflects our proficiency and expertise in this arena.

Once a project has the thumbs up from our connoisseur clients we provide technical plans to fulfill all legal obligations and to meet cost estimates. We secure fixed prices from trusted contractors and arrange contracts on behalf of our clients if needed. Most of our clients use our well-oiled construction machinery to get their dream projects delivered within given time frame with the highest quality standards. We have a proven track record in project time management cost control, financial discipline and the application of the great Japanese Quality Control System of KAIZEN.