Our Services

We believe that drawing is the vocabulary of architecture where we shape our thoughts to paper for proper interaction with clients and site.To understand their needs and preferences we have few discussions with them. This enables us to sprint them through certain aspects of the project which could be ignored otherwise which helps us to arrive at certain critical design decisions.

We are making an excellent contributing to lifestyle by propagating the creation of better living spaces and aesthetic designs. Coherence in designing of living spaces, whether they are residences, offices, or institutions, will go a long way in creating peace and harmony and add more meaning to life. Our team offers artistic and comprehensive range of services to make your dwelling more inimitable. We are passionate about design and relish the opportunity to translate the desires and ideas of individuals into exquisite interiors. Over the years we have created a variety of different interiors and are able to adapt our skills to every taste and trend. Whether a client is looking for an eclectic mix of old and new, country casual, chic interior, vintage or traditional or radically contemporary, our team has the talent and knowledge to adapt and deliver. Above all else, we are flexible and can tailor how we work to suit our clients. Your existing old building can be made new with remodeling, interior modifications and furnishings by our experts.

Is managing the project on behalf of the client in his total absence so as to finish the project in a given time frame and at a predetermined cost and of course with the best possible quality.

This is crucial in order to manage effectively rain water, sewer, natural gas, domestic water and other related elements. To foresee is to rule is our philosophy. We offer the full spectrum of architectural design services including planning, consultancy and development – Our rainbow services include sourcing and managing suppliers across the world, construction management and comprehensive interior design as well.

Undertake detail design and prepare component specifications and wiring drawings, design the power and control cables, prepare the cable layout as per the requirement, cable tray and supporting structure layout and details.

Our HVAC design and drafting services include duct work design, commercial, residential and industrial designs, systems design and drafting, temperature and heat load calculation, equipment design, duct sizing and piping layout plan drawings, mechanical design and drafting etc.

Design of complex buildings and campuses involving analytical studies of buildings and open spaces from sociological, economic and cultural points of view. The exercises may also be oriented with emphasis on design of landscape spaces.

The intricacies of structure are handled with élan to bring to our clients the most solid and scientific structural authenticity.

We delight our clients with our world class designs, which turn ordinary spaces into amazing ambiences, such that people hate to get out of these ethereal womb-like dwellings. We are redefining the architectural standards of the region through our ecstatic spaces and eclectic interiors. Our well-knit team of skilled architects leaves no stone unturned to see to it that you get the finest value for your investments. Our team relishes the challenges of transforming your dreams into orgasmic structures.

We trust that drawings and the dialogue with the client are at the core of architectural presentation. Our genius lies in our innate desire to peep into the psyche of the client to thoroughly comprehend their needs and taste. Our cutting edge design technology helps us zoom in on the perfect customized design detailed with wizardry.

Understanding the climate and its impact on architectural design, fundamentals of climatology and environmental studies. Understanding of landscape elements like trees, shrubs, plants, water, rocks and development of landscape planning and application in architectural design.

Fire protection engineers exemplify the concept of whole building design. Fire protection engineers design that, taken individually, could be considered mechanical, fire sprinklers, fire fighters standpipes, smoke control, electrical, architectural or structural systems are coordinated into a comprehensive fire and safety strategy.

We can guide on Vaasthu before developing plan of the house and during construction also. We can also inspect your existing building for vaasthu compliance and suggest suitable modifications to obtain better Vasthu compliance.