As we find a tangible plan to your building, firstly wehave the architectural design principles that are core to an able functioning of the building in our mind.When doing so, we also consider the positions of the main aspects of vaastu for the major locations. But before we freeze the architectural plans, if the client is keen to follow 'Vaasthu', we shall set plan complying 100% vaasthu, perhaps we have mastered the principles of vaasthu and likewise follow it in our design. We also do Fengshui if you want.

We do not take up construction directly. We shall have the project done through the contractors you suggest or from the contractors in our circle through mutual discussions and confirmation.

We always believe that the civil contractor who executes the project should be located reasonable close to the project, for a hassle free construction as they tend to extend more care to the project. We identify good contractors in each zone and suggest them to our clients for the construction.

We do only interior designing for the projects exceeding 10 lacks in accordance with the mutual discussions with the clients. Built-in and movable furniture, interior fittings and furnishings, color, form, texture and lighting in interiors, material used in interiors, building services related to interiors.

Scale is no deal breaker for us.Your space is never too small or too big to work on. All we'll ask for is some creative freedom and apt compensation for the resources and efforts we put in. We have done projects as small as 100 sft. to the one which scaled upto 4,00,000 sft.

It Depends on the size and complexity of the project. First design presentation usually happens within a week.

You will get one or two good options out of the 10 we try while designing. But if you insist we can also give you the other below par options.

If you want 'n' revisions we do it n + 1 time. We always walk that extra mile to meet your needs. As long as we revise a design to make it looks betterwe never mind.Even if it burns a hole in our pocket, we don't buckle.

We do, but the total estimated cost of the renovation should be about 25 lacks approximately.

Considering the professional services rendered by the Architects we shall be paid professional fee and other charges in accordance with the scale of charges complying the rules and regulations of the Council of Architects. Any tax levied by law, such as service tax etc. contingent to professional services rendered by the Architect, shall be payable by the client, over and above the gross fees charged by the architect in relation to the services provided.

It is not possible because design is custom made, takes our time, effort and resources. We stand no chance of covering our costs if not paid by the one to whom it was designed for. Though we value our time more than money we don't prefer to risk either of it. But we will make sure you are given enough opportunities to review our previous works better before signing up.

There's always a huge difference between a tailor made dress and the one you find in online shopping portals. You wouldn't scrape your arms to fit in the dress you have in hand. Expert consultations always help when the stakes are high. Architects bring a lot of significance to the project.